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AWOP can carry our RFID chip in different mediums, wristbands and cards. This is an excellent way to increase brand value for your company. You can design different wristbands across different tiers of access, day passes, VIP passes and staff passes. AWOP can provide you with any combination of the two. We can also supply you with customised lanyards, plasticware and other branded items that you may require to create a consistent brand presence at your event.


Our products have high quality prints with multiple wristband types available; Dye sublimation, classic woven, printed gloss tyvek or printed/basic tyvek. Our wristband print is of high enough calibre that even the most detailed images are visible.


Our chips that are threaded onto wristbands also have fully customisable imagery with a large variety available; Invisible chips, classic plastic flex (rounded or square) or coloured block types (that have an inbuilt toggle). The chips can have barcodes or QR codes printed onto them, enabling more capabilities for your event through our service. The QR code could be used to link your customers to your social media pages or to a promotors page.


Our toggles are one time use and are very difficult to remove without destruction.


Cards are a standard eftpos size and can be designed on both sides.





- Easy to manage onsite.


- Only need to order enough for approximately 80% of your audience.


- Can be re-used.


- Great for groups or families.


- Large printing area.


- Can easily be posted to customers.


- Can be used for gate control.


- Can be attached to lanyards.





- One time use only


- Firmly on customers wrist, this means we can report on demographics and turn alcohol on or off for intoxicated persons.


- Provides a visual confirmation of customers allowance.


- Can load on free drinks or tokens.


- Extras can be re-used the following event if you over order.

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